Our Mission

Access to education for everyone

Working as a bunch of professional mentors, we add to the development of our students by furnishing them with advanced tools and study materials which help them to learn concepts with ease and which also makes a great success path for all the students of 360 Degree Coaching. .

Our Vision ,high-quality education

To be regarded and increased in value by our excellent students for the exceptional nature of our commitment, work, inventiveness, supportiveness, and the viability of our advanced and unique learning programs.

  • There can be many paths to the same goal. We do not need to form an absolute consensus in order to achieve success!’
  • 360* is dedicated to providing simplified, systematic and sustainable learning and coaching for various competitive exams in Graduation level and beyond. It aims to foster holistic and uniform development of students.
  • The uniqueness of 360* lies in its approach – no one should feel a failure. Its process imparts competence uniformly, from bottom rung to topmost. The innovative method of teaching, above par excellence of faculty team and magnificent mentoring provide wings for the students to fly in the realm of ambition.
  • While 360* students are its vision ambassadors, its faculty team forms the backbone of the mission.
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What makes us different:

  1. 24/7 Support
  2. Easy to understand study material
  3. Time to time test and performance checking
  4. A peaceful and supportive learning environment
  5. A chance to learn the real lessons from the professionals

  • Sports and activities are the major part of the growing children's life. It helps them to keep their mind active and fresh while study and these also help them to learn things in a practical way. This is why 360-degree coaching also likes to organize a weekly activity schedule for all the students.

We have a unit of well-furnished classrooms, which are specially designed to keep in mind the positive way and students comfort. In all the classes and tutorial sessions we like to teach our students with a mixture of modern, technical and traditional teaching culture.

As per our Indian culture fact “A teacher is more valuable than the parents”. We are a team of expert and professional teachers, who love to guide the students to tend their career towards the sky height success.

We are believing in the term that competition improves the skills and willingness to win as well. That is why time to time we arrange several educational competitions and encourage all the students to participate in that.

For the student's comfort and better learning sources we have created a lot of text series for them, Through which they can practice for the exams in a proper manner.